The Structure, The Structure

What’s a poem supposed to look like? 

To be specific; what’s the poem I’ve been carrying in my head for two years supposed to look like? What kind of middle will suffice? Fattened with staccato quick fire rhymes or is a poignant, slow paced, weighty metaphor the trick?

This is how I kill my poetry, by over-thinking the bastard. And yet, I can’t help myself. For two years now I have been aware of my writer’s block, the reasons for it and most importantly, the solutions:

  • I am not practicing enough.
  • I do not trust the process of editing.
  • I am afraid of failing.
  • It is not complete in my head.

The last one is the biggest stumbling block. Since I started with the pen stuff I had a system where I would not start writing unless I knew roughly what the entire poem was like in my head. Beginning, middle and end. Some days  I got the beginning and the end ready to go, and the middle would dodge for months. Months of no writing and then whosh! pour on the page. Well, that’s what it used to be, because now I have ideas and I have ideas and I’ve had ideas for too long and I’m still waiting for the rest of the poem to come to me.

Pooface. Where do I go.Just write seems the option, but then number 3 kicks me in the nuts. Atychiphobia, it’s called



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