A Week After New Year’s Day; nothing.

Post Xmas Slump.

That’s the only explanation I can come up with. Something after new year snapped, as it always does; the laptop doesn’t call out to you as it did when you made the promise to yourself, and when it does call, it’s to download something. That nasty voice that makes your shoulders ache with surrender, that suggests tomorrow would be a better time to start your regime. You had a good idea and between the shower and the ipad you forgot it so you’re going to sit pretty until it comes back damn it. And then there’s Life: Life needs updating, Life needs replying to, Life needs to be prioritized. Life wants a cuddle whilst the bed is cold. Life wants to talk.  Life finds A Poem A Day boring and thinks you deserve a break, you know; lay back, live a little, chill.

I could have just written excuses and be done with it, but I am nothing if not a bit of a beat around the busher.

A friend once said the key to constant, daily production of poetry is to lower your standards. Which is not to say be shit…actually, that’s exactly what its saying. Be terrible. Make errors. Fail Better, trip over yourself often. See what you find.

Which I guess is what I intend to do more starting from today. I owe you all 365 pieces of rambling nonsense. I apologise now for the days I stumble/forget/cannot be bothered. I hope I’m not typing a variant of this email in a months time, having written nothing, again.



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