Welcome back

Hello… I’ve seemed to have ignored this blog a little. 

As per my christmas resolutions, I have decided to write an article a day. By article, I mean blog. By blog I mean babble. You’re reading this, so you can litterally see my handiwork in action. I guess the point is to make this second nature. So far, with only minutes to go, I have managed to keep to my deadline. 

I don’t mind telling you my main theory of Why I Am Not As Brilliant As I Think I Should Be is that I do not work as hard as I think I should, so if I write every day: at least one blog, one poem, one song, one rap if I have to, right up till Dec 30th 2013, I am either going to be:

1. Fucking awesome, or

2. A Warning to others, on How To Burn Yourself Out.

I will be posting some of the poems here

The babble will go here. 

The better written articles will be on Poejazzi.com I think.

Here is a picture of a happy dog. Happy new year in advance.



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