Star Wars Episode 4: Crowd Sourced, Fan Made, Awesome!

I had, haaaaad, haaaaaaad to blog this. For many 80’s babies it’s probably the last time we’ll be legally allowed to be excited about anything Star Wars related (unless, of course, Jim Cameron or Mr Nolan is allowed to direct a new chapter) It’s a remake of Star Wars Ep 4(!) made up of 15 seconds contributions byhundreds of fans around the world (!!) Think Be Kind Rewind via the interwebs and OH MY LAWD I’M MOIST WITH JOY IT’S AMAZING.

This is it, friends, the height of Post Modern. Youtube’s true purpose has been fulfilled. Star Wars has been given it’s proper sendoff. Book a free two hours, sit with friends, watch this, smile.

PS: As much as I would love an Empire Strikes Back take on this… the smart part of me wishes they didn’t.


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