Possibly The Greatest Dance Routine Ever….

No, seriously. Seriously. You have to watch this. Alladaway through. Don’t fast forward and ruin it for yehself like begging for a headbutt after a nose job.

Imagine if the next G8 meeting they unconditionally cancelled all african debts. This video is that amazing.

Imagine if Yoda burst out of Skywalker’s chest and lightsaber’d Vader’s head clean off at the end of ‘Empire Strike’s Back.’ This vid is that unexpected.

If you dance, watch this and take the week off. The things these guys do, no wires, no funny funnies… I mean… how… The things these people do!

how is the girl still alive?

Bet she banged her head proper during rehearsals.


One Response

  1. The power – in those arms, those legs – I can’t whirl my niece around like that, just sit her up on one hand. And the way they just chuck her about like she’s a rag doll. I’m in awe!

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